Discounted trips to “THE ETERNAL CITY_ROME”

“Rome was not built in a day” and this idiom holds true in accordance with the scenic beauty of the country. Rome is capital of Italy and it seems that Rome was architected in a much planned way as from Pizza Binca to Fritti and from Roman Forum to Castel Sant’ Angelo all contributes to its history of Rome being the center of world’s greatest civilization ever. The city of Rome is a mix of large avenues with architecturally grand building combined with beautiful small piazzas and tiny paved alleyways. Acknowledged to be one of the most photographable cities, antique churches, artistic fountain and the past are around every angle. Art appears far and wide in each form. Statues adorn the streets and building tops. Stunning paintings found on ceiling and in many of the museums. There are many cheap flights to Rome

There are two main airports in Rome one is Fiumiciuno Airport also known as Leonardo Da Vinci international airport is the primary airport of Rome which makes most of inland and domestic flights. It is situated 33 kilometers in the coastal city of Fiumiciuno. The other one is Ciampino airport also known as G.B Pastine international airport is located at a distance less than 14 km east of city center. Ciampino airport act as a subordinate of the Fimiciuno airport and witness the arrival and departure of low cost airlines.  So basically if you want to go to Rome you should take flights to Ciampino airport.

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